Walk The Venice Boardwalk


If you prefer the kind of stars that light up the sky rather than the screen, then head out to Venice in Los Angeles. Local's lovingly refer to the area as the place where 'art meets crime' but really, it's just an eclectic, bohemian neighbourhood; the kind of place where the circus would come to town, and decide to stay.

To get to the famous boardwalk, just head down Windward Avenue but any of the side streets will take you to the boardwalk, which stretches from Marina Del Rey up through Venice to Santa Monica. This is the boardwalk you have seen in the movies, and during the summer season and on weekends, there are lots of street performers from jugglers to mimes and fortune tellers and other weirdos entertaining the crowds.

If you'd prefer to see some muscle flexing at Muscle Beach and the pickup basketball court, head south towards Marina Del Rey. If you want to see more arts and crafts stalls, head north towards Santa Monica. If you have more time, rent a bicycle or roller skates and watch the chaos from the relative safety of The Strand. Finish your afternoon with a cocktail or two on the rooftop bar of the Hotel Erwin with its fabulous panoramic views of the ocean.