Unleash Your Inner Ninja at this NYC Restaurant


Looking for a place to unleash your inner ninja? Is that inner ninja hungry? Then make sure to check out this unique restaurant in New York City:

Decorated like a small ninja village, with traditional rooms and winding streets, Ninja New York (25 Hudson Street, New York NY) serves a variety of Japanese food, including (but not limited to) sushi. Try the signature Katana (Angus steak with Teriyaki sauce with fried risotto and Alaskan king crab), as it's a big visitor favorite. Some of the plates (those with ninja stars on the menu) are served with presentations that include fire or dry ice, adding to the atmosphere. They also serve non-Japanese items, like a caesar salad and spinach artichoke dip, and though it can be a bit pricy (it is a themed restaurant, after all), you can opt for one of several fixed-course menus.

While you are eating, watch out for visits from the ninjas, as these highly-trained martial arts mercenaries, known for their stealth, will try to surprise you. And you may receive a visit from the resident ninja magician right at your table. It's a great place for groups with kids (especially older kids), but even adults will enjoy the dark, mysterious ambiance and the variety of food at this NYC spot.

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