Try duck in a can at this trendy Montreal restaurant


One of the trendiest restaurants in Montreal is Martin Picard’s Le Pied de Cochon (536 Duluth Est, Montreal QC). After the restaurant received Anthony Bourdain’s seal of approval on No Reservations TV show, there have ironically been many more reservations made at the French hotspot.

One of the primary reasons for the restaurant’s growing popularity, is the canned duck that you can find on the menu.

The famous dish literally arrives in a can that you open and then pour on the plate in front of you, where you can enjoy it with bread. When the duck is poured out, it also comes with its own juices, carrots and fois gras. It has been described as being quite fatty but is reportedly cooked and then stuffed and sealed into the can.

Most who have tried the dish have attested to the meat being quite tender and the portion being quite large. At $44 a serving, it is quite pricey, but certainly a must for the adventurous Weekendtripper.

In addition to duck in a can, the restaurant is also known for its Pied de Cochon (Pig’s Foot) and Foie Gras poutine.

Call: (514) 281-1114