Toronto Barreworks Makes For a healthy start to the weekend


There was a stage in my life when I really wanted to be a dancer. As a child, my parents put me in modern and contemporary dance classes and when I got older I tried everything from belly dancing to African. I wanted to achieve that long, lean “dancer’s body” but my lack of coordination and rhythm made it hard to stick with any dance program. Now with barre classes, you don’t necessarily need to be a dancer to get that physique. While barre isn’t totally new, the different studios have been making quite a name for themselves these past few years.

Barreworks is unique in that in combines those barre exercises with resistance training, weighted toning balls and a Pilates ball.

My first class was DripBarre with JoJo at the midtown location. Maybe I was being a bit ambitious to try this as my first class but it sure felt great. I didn’t think I would be super sweaty but JoJo sure proved me wrong (the class is called DripBarre for a reason, duh!). The energy was infectious. I found myself smiling even when I couldn’t keep up with certain steps and pushing myself to add the jumps because I wanted the extra challenge.

The next day on my way to bAAAre and climbing the stairs to the Queen Street location, I silently cursed JoJo; my calfs were so sore! The bAAAre class (arms, abs, and ass) was led by Kelly-Anne, who had an eye for form and technique. I knew I was in good hands and especially loved the resistance band exercises that targeted often neglected areas like the rotator cuff.

If you’re looking to switch up your fitness routine, definitely sign up for a workshop and try it out!