Looking for a Boston bar where everybody knows your name?


One of the many stereotypes about Boston is that if you visit any bar long enough, everyone there will quickly learn your name. It’s an ode to Cheers, the bar that the television show made famous and the perception isn’t that far from the truth. Beantown has a reputation for being quite friendly and if you are looking for a Boston bar where everybody does indeed know your name, here are a couple of options that we stumbled across.

Oak Long Bar & Kitchen
138 St. James Avenue, Boston MA

Located inside of the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, the Oak Long Bar certainly offers an air of nostalgic familiarity. Night after night, bartenders see many regulars occupy the stools at this bar; the best ones knows the regulars and their drinks by heart. Although it is located inside of a hotel, hotel guests only make up 30 per cent of its clientele. The majority are walk-in residents of Boston’s Back Bay and office workers looking to relax after work.

JM Curley
21 Temple Pl., Boston MA

In Boston’s Downtown Crossing area, friendly bars used to be the norm, until one in particular rose to differentiate itself among the rest. JM Curley’s initial appeal was its lack of a formal design with bare brick walls and unfinished floors and its hilarious rules like “Thou Shalt Not Covet They Neighbor’s Date” but now attracts a steady stream of regulars. The bar recently added a back-room steakhouse called Bogie’s Place which has its own little bar as well.

The reason behind Curley’s popularity is its inventive and novel food menu which features high-end pub fare at a modest price.The bar also attracts chefs from other restaurants around town.

On a typical night, you will see a bunch of 30-something cooks and waiters from all over Boston. The reason it is such a favorite among locals is because Curley’s staff also visit the other places, maintaining relationships with workers in the same field.

Get to know these favoured spots and tip well – that helps any bartender remember your name ~wink~.