Hang 116 stories above Toronto

If you’re feeling adventurous this weekend, the CN Tower’s EdgeWalk might be exactly what you need (although I am not sure if your nerves will agree).

The death-defying activity opened in 2011 and is the first of its kind in North America. EdgeWalk is the world’s highest full circle hand-free walk on a 1.5 metre ledge that encircles the top of the CN Tower’s main pod which is 356 metres (1,168 feet or 116 stories) above ground.

Those ready to test their limits walk “hands-free” in groups of six to eight, while attached to an overhead safety rail via a trolley and harness system. Trained guides encourage visitors to push their limits and “lean back” (just like the Terror Squad, Fat Joe song) over Toronto with nothing but air beneath them.
I don’t know whether I would be excited to scared out of my mind!

Safety is obviously of paramount concern, but officials say it isn’t a problem.

“We’re extremely proud of the records the CN Tower has held throughout the years, including our strong safety record,” said Jack Robinson, COO, CN Tower. “Our facilities and engineering team supervised the EdgeWalk project design and build to ensure that it is both exciting and safe.”

The entire experience runs 1.5 hours, with the walk itself lasting between 20 to 30 minutes.

For those adventurous couples who would like to add “for higher or lower” to their weddings vows, you can now book your WEDDING as an EdgeWalk experience – if you dare!

Tickets are $225.00 per person plus applicable taxes. To book online, visit the official EdgeWalk site.

You got questions? Here are some answers:

From the FAQs

Who can Walk?

In order to participate, you must:

(a) weigh more than 34 kgs/75 lbs and less than 140 kgs/310 lbs;

(b) be in good physical health; and

(c) have full body control and hand-eye-foot coordination and be able to walk independently, or be able to independently transfer to and from the specialized EdgeWalk wheelchair as necessary. No other walking aids or medical devices are permitted.

(d) Be 13 yrs or over. Ages 13‑17 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian to provide written consent, and must provide photo ID. (Parent/legal guardian does not need to accompany EdgeWalker on the “Walk”)

You may not participate in the EdgeWalk if:

  • Pregnant

  • Have broken bones

  • Have undergone surgery in the last 6 months or are experiencing ongoing symptoms

  • Have experienced a seizure in the past 6 months and do not hold a driver’s licence for this reason

  • Have chest pain or shortness of breath

  • Under the influence of any drug (legal or illegal) or alcohol

The following conditions may impact the ability to Walk safely:

  • All heart conditions (including high blood pressure)

  • All respiratory conditions

  • Missing or partly missing limbs (prosthetics are not permitted)

  • Vertigo, dizziness or loss of balance

  • Visual impairment (except those wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses)

Prior to participating in EdgeWalk, Walkers will be subject to:

  • Screenings for narcotics, explosives and alcohol consumption

  • Metal detection and physical pat down to remove all fall hazards

  • The only allowable personal article (other than clothing) on the EdgeWalk are eyeglasses

  • Hair elastics are permitted, but hair barrettes, pins, clips are not permitted

Please note: EdgeWalk reserves the right to decline participation or modify an individual Walk experience. The health and safety conditions of the Walk are subject to change at CN Tower’s discretion.

What are the operating conditions of EdgeWalk?

The EdgeWalk at the CN Tower will operate seasonally in all weather except for electrical storms, high winds or other extreme weather conditions. Varying weather conditions will make the EdgeWalk experience more unique.

Where does EdgeWalk start and finish?

The EdgeWalk experience begins on the ground level of the CN Tower at base camp. Once in the CN Tower’s main entrance, signage will direct Walkers through the retail store to the EdgeWalk entrance. The Walk itself starts and ends on the south side of the main Tower pod, above 360Restaurant.

What is a wheelchair accessible EdgeWalk?
It’s a specially designed wheelchair to allow wheelchair using participants who meet our criteria the opportunity to experience the thrill of EdgeWalk.

The existing safety equipment harness and overhead trolley system are exactly the same. We have adapted the participant suit for ease of dressing and there is a uniquely designed one piece wheelchair which has its own attachment to the overhead trolley. Accessible EdgeWalks will be available daily and must be booked by telephone. Please call 416-601-3833 to discuss your specific needs and arrangements.

Given the unique nature of EdgeWalk, participants must meet the existing EdgeWalk participation criteria and must be able to independently transfer from personal wheelchair to EdgeWalk wheelchair as well as independently maneuver the wheelchair throughout the experience.

Is EdgeWalk safe?
Safety is always a priority at the CN Tower, and was considered thoroughly in all aspects of the design and operation of EdgeWalk. As a tall building with communications functions, the CN Tower conducts regular measurements of its radio frequency energy to ensure that we are performing within federal guidelines for the safety of all participants. EdgeWalk exceeds safety standards in all areas.

What should I wear during my Walk?
A special Walk suit will be provided that is worn over top of your clothing, hats, glove and jackets will be provided according to weather conditions. Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

Can I wear glasses or sunglasses?
Yes. A lanyard will be provided to secure your glasses.

What kind of shoes should I wear?
Fully enclosed athletic footwear such as running shoes with laces (not Velcro fasteners) must be worn to provide proper support and grip. Nonslip rubber soled enclosed shoes will be provided if appropriate footwear is not worn.

Can I take a camera or video camera?
For the safety of all Walkers, personal items are not permitted on the Walk. Lockers are provided to store personal belongings. Walk leaders are equipped with digital cameras and all Walkers receive a complimentary video and printed photo of their experience.

Can I bring medication on the Walk?
No. Essential medication may be taken before or after the walk and must be stored in lockers provided for personal belongings.

Can I change my booking?
EdgeWalk tickets are for a specific time and date and are a non-refundable purchase. Changes to the date and/or time of a reservation are permitted up to 72 hours before the Walk, subject to availability, for a full credit for a future EdgeWalk for up to 12 months.

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