Enjoy A Little Black Gold At Toronto Cafe, Little Nicky's


If you’re expecting a half mocha, decaf, double shot, skinny latte at this eclectic coffee shop you might be out of luck. What you can bank on is enjoying the best espresso of your life.

Little Nicky's (375 Queen Street W., Toronto ON) is an institution in Toronto's Queen West area where Renee and her brother Frank run one of Toronto’s best cafes. The coffee shop caters to all sorts of people, including both struggling artists and designers alike (whose previous biggest investments include Canada Goose coats and euro chic glasses). While people come for the coffee, they stay for the famous CNE style mini-donuts that Renee has perfected. You won’t find a better place to hang out in [if you can get a seat] and there’s always corner conversation available with Nicky newbies who are also there to enjoy a little Italian black gold themselves.

The music can change at the drop of a hat and you’ll often find yourself asking 'WTF?' as Louis Armstrong effortlessly turns to Rush. This is, however, part of the ambience that will always keep you smiling.

All of the pastries are baked on-site. My top recommendation? The PB&J on a toasted bagel that will remind you of going home for lunch in Grade 1.

Pairing a bite at Little Nicky's with some shopping in Toronto's Queen West area is the perfect weekend day trip. You can jump on the 501 Streetcar and check out a mix of shops designed for the kids like Kol Kid (674 Queen Street W., Toronto ON) or Magic Pony (680 Queen Street W., Toronto ON) that feature cool toys. If you're interested in shopping for yourself, there's a host of independent retailers or the Eaton Centre (220 Yonge Street, Toronto ON) which is the city's top tourist attraction and one of the country's biggest shopping malls which attracts approximately 1 million visitors per week.