Detroit Restaurant Review: Lockhart’s BBQ


BBQ wasn’t always my thing. If given the choice, I would opt for some good Chinese takeaway as my feast of choice. But I’ve recently been converted by the power of a brisket and, bring on the sauce because I”m bringing my appetite!

Now that I’m a BBQ convert, I really enjoy trying new BBQ restaurants. I had an opportunity to meet a couple of friends at Lockhart’s BBQ ((202 E 3rd St., Royal Oak MI) recently.

With a cool, laid back atmosphere, Lockhart’s smells like BBQ when you walk in. Brightly lit, you’ll feel like you just stepped into a Texas bar (Lockhart’s takes its name and culinary inspiration from the BBQ capital). We showed up with a Texan sized appetite and got down to business.

They also have a good list of Michigan craft beers, so I ordered a Centennial IPA from Founder’s Brewing Co. so that I could keep things light on the palate. While I was waiting for my friends, the server brought out some pickles & pickled onions (and one stray pickled carrot). These were very good and had a little zip to them which went well with the beer.

When the gang arrived, we oped to order different items and wondered how the table was going to stay upright with the meat-fest we had created for ourselves.

I ordered a 3 meat combo for my dinner, which also came with 2 side dishes; I opted for the Lean Braised Beef, Pulled Pork & Smoked Turkey with Mac & Cheese and Sweet Potato Mash (suggested by our server). One friend ordered a Quadruple Bypass (yes, that’s what it’s called!) which is ONE FULL POUND of meat including: chopped pork, smoked bacon, smoked sausage, and smoked ham, toppe with smoked provolone.

Of course, there’s always that one friend who has to be different; the kind that orders whiskey in a wine bar. My other friend decided to order the catfish and wasn’t entirely disappointed; for a BBQ joint, they can fry up some pretty decent fish. I still feel that if you’re going to go for a BBQ experience, go the whole hog. (Couldn’t help myself!)

We enjoyed a few additional sides, including a salad (which almost felt sacrilegious) and thoroughly enjoyed our meals. A combination of good ol’ Southern hospitality has come north. Definitely hitting this spot up again on my next visit.

Oh yeah, they have a dessert menu, but we didn’t make it that far.